Argyroneta aquatica Clerk1757

Catalog number : NSMK-SP-OB-0000186
English nm : aquatica
Scientific name: Argyroneta aquatica Clerk1757
Species : aquatica
Genus : Argyroneta
Family : Cybaeidae
Order : Araneae
Identified by :
Observed :
Day observed :
Locality observed : Jeongok-eup   Gyeonggi-Do 
Institution name : National Science Museum

Ecology : Builds an hemisphere-like air house at the source of a river or between water plants under the water. Eats, lays eggs, and casts off in the house. As a Northern Hemisphere species, distributed in South Korea, Japan, China, Mongolia, Russia, and Europe, etc.
Note : The carapace is yellow brown or reddish brown, the head is slightly protruded, and has bristles in the middle and on each side. The legs are yellow brown, and there are black hairs grow densely all over the surface.