Plautia stali(Scott, 1874)

Catalog number : NHMC-IN-0000282
English nm : stali
Scientific name: Plautia stali(Scott, 1874)
Family : Pentatomidae
Order : Hemiptera
Identified by : Choe Gwang-ryeol
Collector : Choe Gwang-ryeol
Day collected : 2007-07-10
Locality : Suncheon-si Jeollanam-do
Institution name : Chungnam University Natural History Museum

Ecology : They usually inhabit forest near farmlands and pass the winter as a form of imagoes under fallen leaves or near grass roots.
Note : The dorsal side of the body is green with glow. There are black spots dispersed on the body. The botton is yellowish green.Sometimes they change colors in fall to yelowish brown. The head is pentagonal and there are a pari of vertical black holes on the center. Antennae sho dark brown from 3rd to 5th joints. A sternum is bulgy and the posterior of sides are black.