Ercheia umbrosa Butler, 1881

Catalog number : JJHA-IN-0001710
English nm : umbrosa
Scientific name: Ercheia umbrosa Butler, 1881
Family : Noctuidae
Order : Lepidoptera
Identified by : Jeong Se-ho
Collector : Jeong Se-ho
Day collected : 2008-9-10
Locality : Hallasan(Mt.) : Wisseoreum(Vacanic site) Yeongnam-dong Seogwipo-si Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Institution name : HALLA ARBORETUM

Ecology : Imagoes appear between August and September. They are distributed in Korea, China, Japan and India.
Note : There are conical bunch of hairs on the face. The side of dorsal thorax is yellow brown. Labial palps are long and the 3rd joint is thin and long. Tibias of fore legs do not have thorns but those of hind legs do. Fore wings are dark violet and brown. Outer lines are greyish brown. Lines are black and unclear.